COVID-19 Terms of Understanding | Lauren Moshi

♡ In not-so legal terms, but in hopes of understanding... ♡

Due to increased volume & the impact of COVID-19, we are experiencing delays in processing & fulfilling orders.

With the increased amount of delayed deliveries by both UPS & USPS, as well as the above, we've had to temporarily limit shipping options for a better chance at meeting your expectations while we continue to work on a better solution.

All Masks are in stock & ship within 1-2 days.

All other products ( not labeled "PRE-ORDER" ) apply to the following available Shipping options:

  1. UPS® Ground - This option will push your order towards the top of the queue & help expedite fulfillment of part or the entire order.
    If some of your items are not available, we'll use this method to split shipments based on availability - If your order contains a mask or masks combined w/ any other items that can't be fulfilled immediately, masks will be the first to ship.

  2. USPS Priority Mail ( Masks Only ) Flat Rate - This option will only appear if you have masks & masks alone in your cart. Priority Mail’s two and three day service commitments now will be extended to three & four days.
    Local 1-day Priority Mail will not change.

All orders placed before 2pm PST ( M-F ) are considered received that day counting as day 1 in the order processing timeline.

**Not all of the products 'available' at are actually stocked. 
Cashmere is hand sewn & made to order. 
Roughly 70% of all available products are also made to order.

While this previously hasn't been an issue to print, pack & ship the same day an order was placed, it has become the new daily struggle today as we've been ordered by the city to operate w/ a minimal crew.

In exact terms, we're now operating at 75% less than that of the pre-apocalypse while orders have increased well over 100%. 
And with that, there's all the precautions in place to ensure a safe & healthy environment for those in the building as well as the extra measures to ensure all product & packaging is beyond clean & sterile. 

We'll be updating the info here as we're able to come up w/ solutions. 
Check the FAQs section for more info as well. 

Discount codes & promotions are limited to 1 per order & 1 per household.

 Thanks so much for the love & continuous support... :))