Dressed to Kill– Lauren Moshi
...it begins w/ original hand drawn art, & ends on ultra soft fabric...
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    Dressed to Kill

    Ultra Soft Women's Dresses #MADEinLOSANGELES
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    Designed w/ your comfort & individuality in mind
    Intentionally underproduced each month
    ....as unique as you....
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    Geneva Love Bites II
    Regular price $130.00
    Skye Rasta Lion
    Regular price $198.00
    Genesis Rainbow Lightning Eye
    Regular price $125.00
    Deanna X Skull Lip
    Regular price $119.00
    Deanna Crystal Lipstick Peace
    Regular price $119.00
    Deanna Stud Skull
    Regular price $110.00
    Deanna Galaxy Lip
    Regular price $128.00
    Deanna ZZ Top
    Regular price $119.00 $83.00
    Geneva KISS Animalize
    Regular price $121.00

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